I've changed and grown into who I am today throughout the years, and I have learned a lot. At this point in my life, I live by one mindset: never to settle and go for that "thing" that you love more than anything. The "thing" that makes you happy; it makes you want to wake up in the morning, the "thing" that for you doesn't work because it's an addition to who you are. It's simply natural for you to do it. When you find it, your passion, drive, and ambition will get fueled.
Photography is the source of what fuels me to go after what I want. What I love about photography is that it doesn't just freeze time but captures emotions. Unlike a song or video, a picture captures that split second where one specific emotion is felt. When you can feel the feelings behind a picture, you can feel the backstory of who or what is in the picture. It's an art form that is about taking what is around us all, and finding that perfect perspective to capture the moment's essence. It's that drive to capture the real emotions that fuels me never to stop and get better at what I do; it's continuous learning that I will never stop.
I have been working with bands and artists to fulfill their musical dreams. Capturing those emotions and moments that define who that artist is. My goal is to make people feel through my photos.
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